Microdermal Pusher Microdermal, Skin Diver & Surface Bar

Microdermal Pusher

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Microdermal Pusher Microdermal, Skin Diver & Surface Bar

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Microdermal Pusher in 316L Surgical Steel, necessary tool for the installation of microdermal piercing.
Very easy to use, once removed the skin layer, it will become practical to insert the microdermal, because thanks to this special handle, are able to exert more force and accordingly will serve to a greater pressure.
In addition, very often it is inconvenient to use pliers to perform these operations, because they reduce the field of vision and dexterity, things with Microdermal Pusher can expect obviated, making it look really simple installation microdermal.
Obviously, even if designed for the installation of microdermal, the Microdermal Pusher, will make it much easier also the inverse operation, ie the removal of the piercing.
Tool designed and polished by hand.

Length: 86.0mm;
Thickness: 5.0mm;
Weight: 13gr.
Thread: 1.2mm.

(microdermal not included)