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PiercingSupply.com: the leading online retail and wholesale piercing jewelry ecommerce in Europe.

The world surrounding piercings and tattoos has undergone a radical and rapid revolution of thought in less than 10 years. Associating a person with tattoos with the idea of ​​transgression or sloppiness is now a preconception that should be left only to the most conservative grandmothers. Thanks to a greater openness of mind, also linked to a significant media influence dictated by fashion bloggers and trend setters, nowadays piercings and tattoos have become a real form of decoration of one's body, a way of communicating to the world their own personality and values.

As owners of specialized shops, you must therefore be ready to supply a rather wide range of products and, above all, suitable to satisfy the tastes of a very wide and varied potential audience. The Micromutazioni company, thanks to its over twenty years of experience in the Piercing and Tattoo Supply sector, has managed to establish itself among the largest retail and wholesale portals throughout Europe by inserting, within its e-commerce , a wide range of piercings.